Research and Innovation

Utilizing the Omnideck in the realm of research and innovation can dramatically reshape traditional methodologies, offering enhanced interaction, realism, and collaborative potential. By bridging the digital and physical worlds, it provides researchers with a dynamic platform to explore, test, and innovate.

Incorporating the Omnideck into the spheres of research and innovation not only amplifies the depth and breadth of experimental possibilities but also streamlines processes, encourages collaboration, and pushes the boundaries of what’s achievable. It stands as a testament to the convergence of technology and exploration.

Features of the Omnideck for Research & Innovation:

Features of the Omnideck for Research and Innovation:

  • Immersive Visualization: Provides a 360-degree immersive environment, allowing for a lifelike representation of data, simulations, or concepts.
  • Realistic Motion Capture: Users can naturally move and interact within the virtual space, enhancing the realism of experiments or simulations.
  • Integration with Leading Software: Seamless connectivity with platforms like Unity and Unreal ensures the accurate and dynamic representation of research models.
  • Omnitrack API: Facilitates the creation of custom research applications, ensuring adaptability to specific research needs.
  • Operator Control Panel: Enables real-time monitoring and intervention, allowing for adjustments or modifications during experiments.
  • Collaborative Virtual Environments: Facilitates joint research endeavors, with multiple users engaging in a shared virtual space.

Benefits for Research and Innovation:

  • Enhanced Data Interpretation: Complex data sets become tangible, allowing researchers to interact with and understand data in novel ways.
  • Safe Experimentation: Risky scenarios or experiments can be simulated without real-world consequences, fostering innovation without compromising safety.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Virtual simulations can significantly reduce the need for physical materials or spaces, leading to resource and monetary savings.
  • Collaborative Potential: Geographical barriers dissolve, enabling international collaboration in real-time within a shared virtual environment.
  • Dynamic Testing Ground: The Omnideck offers an adaptive space where hypotheses can be tested, adjusted, and re-tested swiftly.
  • Innovative Engagement: The immersive nature of the Omnideck can attract stakeholders or the public to engage with research in new and exciting ways, potentially driving interest and funding.

Benefits for Research and Innovation:

User Case: Watch how the Omnideck is used by DLR in their VRU Lab