IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, Austria

At the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems in Austria students and researchers carry out work in health- and life sciences, digitalisation & engineering and business development.

In the newly opened eVRyLab the Omnideck will allow users to move around freely in VR and explore settings with novel data and models created from additional technologies in the lab. One such technology is put forth in the Scan2VR project in which objects and people can be fully scanned and turned into point clouds. The goals is to create algorithms that make it possible to directly translate these scans so that they can be seamlessly moved into VR.

The Omnideck with the HTC Vive Pro and the Wireless module. On display is an arch viz demo of a summer cabin created in Unity with our Unity API.
The equipment used in the Scan2VR project which enables scanning of people and objects.

Space for meeting and development

IMC are moving fast in an effort to drive digitalisation and change forward in the region.