Advanced Firefighting Training through Virtual Reality and Omnideck, Powered by Elevate Solutions

In August 2018, the “SIKET: Evaluation and Development of Safety Concepts for Railway Tunnels” project was initiated by the German Federal Government. The Hessian State Fire Service School (HLFS) played a significant role in evaluating these safety concepts, emphasizing the importance of tactical measures in railway tunnel emergencies.

The software development and integration, which were crucial for the project’s success, were handled by Elevate Solutions. Their expertise enabled the creation of an effective and immersive virtual training environment.

Traditional training for tunnel fire incidents often requires access to actual tunnels, leading to operational disruptions and high resource demands.

HLFS’s Innovative Solution in collaboration with Elevate Solutions, developed a pioneering virtual reality (VR) training program. This program significantly advances firefighter training, offering a realistic and immersive training experience.

The training includes using an Omnideck omnidirectional treadmill to replicate the physical challenges faced in tunnel firefighting. This approach not only tests physical endurance but also immerses firefighters in psychologically intense scenarios, enhancing their tactical training.

The integration of two Omnidecks in a VR environment with future multiplayer capabilities facilitates teamwork training, which is essential for successful emergency operations. The VR scenarios, created realistically, simulate various tunnel types and emergency situations.

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The video below “Tunnel Firefighting Training through Virtual Reality and Omnideck” showcases this innovative training method, highlighting the technological contributions of Elevate Solutions and the HLFS.