The Omnideck

The Omnideck

The Omnideck

Crafted and engineered in Sweden, The Omnideck is a product from years of innovation. As far as hardware goes The Omnideck is a 4.2m diameter motorized treadmill using 16 wedge shaped modules to create a 360° walking area. Combined with the HTC vive (or any other) VR system we use the immersive visualization of the headset and the positional tracking data to control the speed of the rollers driven surface under your feet. However the most important part of The Omnideck is not how it works, but the experience the user has in freedom of movement. This is what creates the ultimate VR experience.

Experience VR Like Never Before: Omnideck’s Dynamic Locomotion
The Omnideck revolutionizes the VR landscape by recognizing the paramount importance of locomotion in delivering truly immersive experiences. In a realm where movement is key, the Omnideck sets a new standard. By enabling users to physically walk, run, and explore virtual worlds, it bridges the gap between reality and the digital realm like never before. This advancement not only eliminates the constraints of static VR but also amplifies the sensation of being present in another world, sparking a paradigm shift in how we engage with technology.

The Omnideck

What is an Omnideck?

The Omnideck is a state-of-the-art virtual reality platform designed to deliver an unparalleled immersive experience. At its core, the Omnideck boasts a commanding 5-meter diameter, meticulously segmented into 16 sections that together create a geometrically perfect hexadecagon. Built for durability and precision, its active surface is composed of robust aluminium rollers. Each of these 16 sections is autonomously driven by individual motors, ensuring smooth, synchronized movements and responsive feedback. But where the Omnideck truly shines is in its advanced interfacing capability. By integrating with the positional tracking technology of VR headsets, and channeling this data through our cutting-edge Omnitrack software, it translates real-world movements seamlessly into the virtual realm. In essence, the Omnideck isn’t just a platform—it’s the future of interactive virtual reality experiences.

Omnideck Hardware
The Omnideck System features the innovative Omnideck platform, seamlessly integrated with a power control module. This module, energizes and synchronizes the Omnideck, utilizing EtherCAT technology for reliable and secure communication across the platform’s components. Accompanying this setup is a user-friendly handheld control panel, equipped with vital functionalities to ensure both safety and operational efficiency.

  • Omnidirectional treadmill
  • Power Control Module
  • Wired Safety System
  • External Switch Box
The Omnideck

Omnideck Hardware

The Omnideck

Omnitrack Software Suite

Omnitrack Software Suite
The Omnitrack software suite is pivotal for the monitoring, regulation, and management of the Omnideck. This comprehensive software package offers extensive options for configuring and customizing the operational behavior of the Omnideck, ensuring a tailored and optimized user experience.

  • Omnitrack Software Package
  • Monitor, regulate and operate Omnideck
  • Operator Control Panel
  • Omnitrack API
  • Unity integration
  • Unreal integration
  • Omnideck OpenVR Treadmill device driver

Installation and Training
Our expert team delivers a smooth Omnideck installation, managing all aspects, from integrating hardware to installing software and fine-tuning the system. This thorough process ensures the Omnideck operates at peak performance, providing users with a trouble-free virtual reality experience. Additionally, we provide detailed training sessions led by our experienced professionals. These sessions cover everything from safety protocols and software management to live demonstrations, arming users with the skills and assurance needed for effective Omnideck operation. Designed to fully acquaint users with the Omnideck, our training ensures they can fully exploit its immersive potential.

The Omnideck

Installtion and Training

Experience the future. Step onto the Omnideck.

The Omnideck series, available in the Omnideck 4 and Omnideck 5 models, caters to diverse spatial needs with its innovative design for immersive virtual reality experiences. The Omnideck 4 is perfect for space-conscious environments, offering 360° movement in a compact size, while the Omnideck 5 provides an expanded platform for enhanced immersion and physical activity. Both models come equipped with the advanced Omnitrack software, allowing for precise customization and control.

Omnideck 5

Unleash Boundless Possibilities

  • Larger Interactive Area: Provides more space for movement, interaction, or immersion. This is especially beneficial if the platform is designed for virtual or augmented reality experiences.
  • High Impact Movement: Designed to withstand and replicate intense physical interactions, making it perfect for high-octane games, professional training simulations, and sports applications.
  • Enhanced Immersion: Its larger size allows for longer stride lengths and more dynamic movements, pulling you deeper into your virtual experiences.
  • High-Performance Tracking: Superior tracking technology ensures that even the most vigorous of movements are captured with pinpoint accuracy.
Technical Specifications
Footprint Diameter5.0 m (16.4 ft)
Active Diameterx.xm ( x.x ft)
Height0.2 m (8 in)
Weight1800 kg (4000 lbs)
Power supply3-phase 400V 16A 50Hz

Omnideck 4

Compact Mastery

  • Smaller Footprint: Suitable for locations with limited space or for facilities where multiple units may need to be placed in close proximity.
  • Compactness: With a smaller diameter, the Omnideck 4 might fit more comfortably into spaces with size constraints, making it suitable for locations where space is at a premium.
  • Low Impact Movement: This might be ideal for users who require gentler or more controlled movement experiences. It could be beneficial for rehabilitation exercises, simulations that don’t demand high intensity, or for those users who might be more prone to injury.
  • Cost-Effective: The ideal starting point for those venturing into premium VR experiences, offering a perfect balance of price and performance.
Technical Specifications
Footprint Diameter4.2 m (13.8 ft)
Active Diameter~3.8m ( 12.6 ft)
Height0.2 m (8 in)
Weight1500 kg (3300 lbs)
Power supply3-phase 400V 16A 50Hz

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